February 8, 2009 George Foster

Nouveau Inspiration e.g. the Notorious G

The 2 of you who read this blog will no doubt at some point have clicked on the links to the right hand side of your page and found a wonderful world of alternative takes on climbing and life. You may have found yourself browsing the pages of the best blog out there, namely that guy called Doylo. I once read a post on his blog proclaiming the magnificance of the ‘G’ (Mr John Gaskins) and admit that i was somewhat taken in, becoming a disciple of the G. What blasphemy?!? I could still be a disciple of the G had i not woken up to the grave injustice i was doing to the original mac-daddy of crush……Mr Gerhard Horgaher aka the Notorious G.

I discovered the Notorious G exactly a year ago whilst consuming a beverage and reading a magazine in the Refugio bar in Siurana. I was mindlessly flicking the pages of said magazine when out jumped the image of a Teutonic Mike Myers during the height of his ‘Wayne’s World’ powers CRUSHING the life out a poor unsuspecting bit of rock, clad only in 3/4 length lycra leggings and pink vest, head arced towards the heavens snarling at the granite. My senses were aroused (and that is all) and i immediately ripped the page out and gleefully skipped across to my friends to share with them my prize.

Last i heard the Notorious G was living in his castle high up in the Tyrolean mountains running a ninja school for wannabe crushers and doing the occaisional charity performance of early Def Leppard songs for the local nunnery. I don’t know whether he still lives or indeed still climbs but i intend to journey back to Siurana in April to seek out more information on him to share with the world and perhaps one day make a pilrimage to climb with him.

The Notorious G loves us all.

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  1. Playford

    Fine dress sense that man: lycra will be seen on the crag soon (given the current resurgence of eighties music, clothing and beards). Can’t wait…

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