May 7, 2009 George Foster

Lakes and Northumberland

Errmm…..went to Lakes the day we got back from Siurana and climbed some stuff at Tilberthwaite and Reecastle. Both excellent venues and i found that i really enjoy the slate. Got a curry in Ambleside…..not as good as Hassan’s back at home so won’t be going back (to the curryhouse not Ambleside…i mean it was bad but not that bad).

Spent last weekend up in ‘The County’ as those pretentious bastards call it…only kidding you’re all beasts and cool and whatever. Travelled up to the Lakes straight after work and met up with Gilliam and Robbo at Oxenholme before embarking on a truly outlandish quest eastwards via a pretty wild night in Newcastle in which certain people allowed certain people to do certain things that we’re all not proud of….not gay things mind. We woke still pissed on Saturday morning and set about jumping on some scary things at Back Bowden thinking they’d be fine, which i guess they were. Felt psyched out of my mind for some strange reason, glad to be alive, glad to be not working in some shitty job back home, glad to be in the sun, whatever. Rediscovered my love of highballing stuff (we had 7 mats with us).

I’d just topped out on the first route of the day when lo and behold the ‘ling crew arrived. The old hombres from uni. Fuckin’ ace to see all them again and i air-fived my approval. Not a huge amount went down (photography wise) on the first day at Back Bowden so i’ll just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen. Suffice to say it was awesome and we all had some good food in a pub at the end of it all.

Next day we eloped to Bowden (highball heaven!!) and set to work beasting stuff. Jakey boy laid down the law on Vienna (V9) and Dog Eat Dog in uber-wad-quick succession….is there nothing this boy can’t do?? Ah yeah the pod-dyno at Wolfcrag!! Hohohohoho (pics Dave Gill by the way).

We got the sending train a-chugging on lots of things like Klondyke Wall, Canada Crack, The Trial, Lightbulb, Y-Font….all Bowden uber-classics. But then Britain remembered it was Britain and the rain came to halt play. Ball sack.

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