July 19, 2009 George Foster

24 hours in the Peak

After a bit of an incident involving a high speed car, single track lane and grumpy old woman (of which i was not to blame) i SAS’d it up to the Peak on Friday night (there’s a theme occuring here…) to meet up with Robbo coming down on the train from Lakes. Borrowed the sat nav off mother dearest….what a load of shite those things are….nearly chucked the bitch out the window on the drive home (the sat nav, not my mum….she wasn’t with me…and she’s not a bitch).

It was pissing it down that night and as i don’t own a tent and Robbo hadn’t packed one the immediate future was looking…well…bleak. We decided therefore to sample some of the infamous Hathersage night life and, like two little nervous rentboys, eloped to the public toilets opposite the garage. We stuck two mats down in the disabled cubicle and tried not to slip on the piss-soaked floor. Sleeping was problematic. Luckily the motion controlled extractor fan turned itself off after half an hour, the lights however were not so high-tech. We endured the night, not knowing if we would wake to the sound of a crusty old tramp unzipping his fly’s over poor Ben’s face. Morning was greeted with overwhelming joy.

We fannyed around for a bit, went to Little John’s for some food then headed over for a climb up at Stanage. It started to rain. C’est la vie. After briefly toying with the idea of sacking it off and heading indoors we decided to check out Burbage South to see if there was anything we could stick a rope on. I had tried Nosferatu before (see one of the ‘Grit’ saga’s from earlier in the year) so we chose that one. After spending half an hour familiarising ourselves with the sequence we both had it pretty much wired. A quick jog back to the car for mats and it was in the bag. Robbo wisely left it for another day as he’d just blown a hole in the toe of his pink’s. Next time sonny!!

It felt good to be able to get an E6 done in such a short space of time (even if it is soft) and hopefully it’s a sign that i’m getting stronger/better/luckier all round. It would be awesome to be able to onsight at that level by next summer so that’s what i’m going to aim for after getting back from the States. We can but dream.

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