October 25, 2009 George Foster

I.V. shot to the face

We have arrived in the Promised Land. Isla Vista has welcomed us back with open legs and we. are. grateful. I still can’t get over how srreal this place is. It’s a sort of banana republic run by rich, beautiful people. Disneyland without the screaming kids but with extra sick. SICK.

I’ve been drunk and i’ve been a mess, i’ll admit that much. Partly this was influenced by the desire to have a massive blowout as it may be the last time for a while….we are athletes after all. Partly too it was an attempt at drowning my sorrows. The Bachar-Yerian (pic from the man, the mountain Neil Gill) was wet!! Soaking, sopping, dripping bastard wet. Fuck that was a kick to the chuckies. Prety much meant that the trip to Tuolumne that i dragged these dudes on was a total waste of tiome from the point of view of the primary reason for going there…..on the plus side though i pretty much exhausted the lyrical waxing for that place and it was pretty darn ace to check it out…..and needless to say my desire to do that route has nothing but doubled! It’s a BEAUTIFUL line. What John Bachar and Dave Yerian did in developing that line is truly incredible. Hand drilling on-sight on lead is arguably the purest form of development.


Alas i will keep this blissfully short and succinct as there’s a-drinkin’ to be done. Bishop tomorrow at some point. Two months to get killer strong and literally join the ranks of the legendary “crushers”. We can but dream.

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  1. dom

    Nice one george, looking forward to hearing what you think of Bishop. Don’t get hurt on any stupid highballs before me and micah get there, just a few weeks now (probably the 21st).

  2. Dave

    Oh man. After the horrendous psycho-on-the-loose incident yesterday and all the awful coverage it was good to come back to this post and remember how epic and fun that place was back in 09.

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