October 20, 2009 George Foster

“Luck…..protects fools, small children and ships named Enterprise.”

Having spent yet another night spooning ‘a guy’ in the back of a freezing van i feel that i am now something of an authority on luck, bad luck in particular. It is fair to say that bad luck has been an unwelcome presence in our lives over the past 20 days, sticking to us like shit on a blanket, which is truer than you might think as it’d no doubt be our shit on our blanket…given our luck and all. Surely this can only be a temporary phenomenon? Still though it’s been a good topic of conversation for us as we trace our way across this sunshine state. Maybe you could count that as good luck? We’ve got to cling to everything we can get no?

The cloud that has been following us manifested itself again the other day as we tried to start the van on a cold morning up in the meadows. The Duchess just didn’t fancy it. Luckily it only took an hour for some wizened old sorcerer to rock up, see our sign and breathe some life back into the old girl. Later that day as we got snowed out and were making our way down the precariously icy Tioga Pass we came across a car with a blown tire ‘freewheeling’, in word if not in deed, and suddenly marveled at our good fortune. His car even smelt like it was on the wrong side of fucked. Hell we could even smell his misfortune a further 10 miles down the road! It was only when we got 20 miles down the road and could STILL smell his car that we started to allow ourselves to again come to terms with our misfortune. Had The Duchess been run into the ground already?

Turns out it was just the brakes from the hill being so steep……so there you go.

Do you think we’ve been abnormally unlucky or are we just a trio of whiney bitches?? Comments please.

Little update: it’s now Wednesday our 4th day being stuck on the wrong side of the Tioga Pass waiting for it to open. This SUCKS. I’ve calculated….very easily i might add…..that i’ve spent approximately twice as long sitting in this coffee shop then i have washing myself since being in the US (including time spent in rivers and swimming pools). That’s how bored i am.

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