November 21, 2009 George Foster

God loves Christians

It’s blowing a hooly in Bishop today so thought we’d sack off climbing and get out of there for a nice change of scenery. Morale has been pretty low of late……lots of high gravity days and split tips do not a psyched group make. Alas we were listening to the radio this morning up at the Owens River Gorge parking bit when the magic words “church food drive” rang through loud and undistorted. This provided the necessary impetus to load up The Duchess and do one.

Forty minutes later and we’re being given some plastic bags in the basement of a nice Lutheran church by everyone’s favourite granny look-a-like and told to “get as much as you want”. Looking about the place like we’re about to get a visit from Mr. Blobby with a snivelling little Noel in tow we obliged….wholeheartedly….to the point where they gave us extra bags. Free food. God bless the church! This thing happens EVERY week in churches across the States and ranks among the single most generous things that anyone could ever do. I know i’m not exactly religions’ biggest fan, and it niggles that people only seem to do this generous act under the ‘banner of heaven’ so to speak, but if you ever find yourself near a church/charitable organistion and have a spare fiver in your pocket maybe slip it their way? What they do is INCREDIBLE and a real boost to people that are struggling in all manner of ways. I spent the entire time with a stupid-ass grin on my face not believing our luck. That’s a pretty nice feeling.

End of sermon.

We’re back to Bishop tonight or tomorrow to meet up with Dom and Micah for a week of crushing…….there’s also a free Thanksgiving meal going on at a church down that way too……it’s a slippery path to addiction!

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