April 8, 2011 George Foster

Ever attainable goals?

Hands up everyone of you who has a route that they’ve wanted to do for, well, ever and has kept putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off and……well you can see where this is going! I know I have anyway! And now I know I’m not the only one! Come on admit it! Don’t be shy we’re all in this together, you won’t look stupid in front of your friends. I’m gonna take it as a given then, on your behalf, without your permission. I bet at least half of you are MORE than capable of climbing that route, I for one know very well that I’m good enough for maybe half the routes I have in mind and yet………..and yet.

And yet have we done them? What are we all so afraid of? We’re not pussys are we? Tell me we’re not little sissys?!? Most of us – yes I’m looking at YOU Micah – are in a direct battle against the inexorable detriments of age for, as the graph below quite clearly shows, beast-ness decreases with age.

I’ve got a list as long as my arm of routes that I want to do, except that now they’re not routes that I want to do, they’re routes I’ve done, or am going to do. YEAH! So rather than this being a lament of opportunity lost I beg you to see this post as a rallying cry, a call to arms (quite literally if you’ll accept the pun) to end this culture of fear that envelopes the ‘dream’ route. Onsight? Flash? 3rd go? 19th go?? It’s all nonsense. You’re just as likely to fall off it from being so nervous about falling off it as you are if you’re body isn’t quite ready for it. Have a positive mindset and give it boar. Surprise yourself. Have a fight, there’s no shame in crying like a girl in the noble deed of slaying a route. 

Brothers! Sisters! Scream with me! ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!! That’s it!! aaaaaaaaAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! Feel better? Of course you do. So what if you’re in public?! So what if you’ve been asked to leave the coffee shop?? It was most likely shit coffee anyway, you can buy some beans and brew your own right??!! Well go on then! Go forth! Brew!! Send!! Brew to celebrate! Send some more!!!

Too much coffee for me I think. Good times and happy days my friends!  

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