April 16, 2011 George Foster

Some recent developments……..

Yeah some things have a way of working themselves out eh? I’ve been on the dole for about 5 weeks now and not been outdoors since December (climbing that is) so what better way to celebrate having no money and no recent trad history by going to that hallowed crucible of English climbing – the Lakes. Whilst there I got offered a job. Success! I move up on Monday and should hopefully be there till around December. So if you’re around in Langdale and fancy a pint, come into the Old Dungeon Ghyll and say ‘how do marra’ (that’s the closest translation I can get to of Cumbrian).

Did some really cool, and some not so really cool, routes at Stanage on Thursday. Good times.

Also, jobs are like buses. No sooner had I been offered that job up in Langdale then I had no less than 4 phone calls either offering interviews or work within the space of 2 days. Bastards! Think I got the best deal out of it though. Quids in.

I’m gonna be posting from Jonny-land come this time next week – that’s if I have any finger tips left! Best get practicing with a pencil between the teeth.

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  1. dom

    Good to hear george!
    I’m looking forward hearing to reading about some actual climbing on here now.

  2. What? You got a job? You mean to tell me someone actually thought you are responsible enough to show up at a decent time, smell reasonably tolerable, and produce useful work that could be utilised to help and/or contribute to someone elses well being/economic fecundity??!

    Kidding of course, I’m sure you’ll make a smashing additin to ‘Team McDonalds’.

    I love you George (and miss you).

  3. ummmm its been about 3 weeks, where the F**K is the update?…..George, “been in the lakes 3 weeks..got pissed 20 days out of 21, spent all my hours off work spending money in Spar and annoying the local shop staff! i LOVE the lakes!………..ONEEEEEEE tooth”.

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