June 13, 2011 George Foster

It’s been a while……

Yeah so the internet here is pretty shoddy, hence the mahoooooosive delay in anything that resembles written blogerature. 

I’ve been pretty busy, running about the fells like a dog with six dicks trying to climb as much as possible dodging the showers and tourist bastards………I easily forget that i was once one myself – hypocrisy is bliss! 

I’ve not got any photos to back this post up by the way so it’s gonna be short and to the point. Firstly, as you may have guessed, I am alive and well. I’ve been climbing lots, as I already alluded to, both outdoors on the crags and indoors on the infamous ‘kitchen board’ (more on that 45 degree overhanging monster-maker in a later post). Managed to sketch my way up a nice little E6 at Shepherd’s Crag, got a 7b second go at Malham and just a couple of days ago a Birkett E7 on the Scout Crags. All good like. Can’t beat a bit of board power!

Biggest news of them all though……..da-da-da-da-da-da-daaaaaaaaa………came 3rd (!!!!) in the Grasmere 10k race yesterday. Fuck knows how but the stats don’t lie!

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  1. dom

    Nice one George, sounds like like your in good shape. I’m not surprised though, I remember being trounced by you in the Dumyat Race.

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