August 24, 2011 George Foster

Injury arghhhhhhhh

And August had started so well too! I passed the last hurdle in my Army selection, the four-day Army Officer Selection Board, at the end of July. To celebrate i fell off my bike and separated my shoulder. Prognosis – a grade 2/3 separation, 3 months out. Cock.

I now have a nice lump on my shoulder that will stay as a reminder that scrumpy is bad for you in any quantity. I also can’t do ANYTHING with it. It’s really frustrating cos all the guys and girl i climb with are out crushing and having a ball and all i can do is swim. I AM NOT A GOLDFISH! 

All of you who have ever been injured….NOW i know your pain. It sucks. It could have been worse yes, but it could also have been avoided. That’s the frustration. Not much more to say really. Hope all is good where you are and make the most of the good days, you’ll appreciate having them during the bad ones!

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