October 28, 2012 George Foster

The reason for no posting in a while…….

I’ve joined the Army. Initial thoughts to anyone who is may be inspired by this and harbours ambitions to join up themselves? Don’t.

It’s the end of my 22nd week at Sandhurst……where the posh kids come to learn to be officers supposedly. Only another 22 weeks to go! I thought it was all this but it’s generally more like a heck of a lot of this.

A lot has happened and I don’t really wanna talk about okay?! I am alive….just….and I have been out every now and then over the past few months getting some actual cool stuff done. Sweden, climbing with my girlfriend. Fell racing in the Lakes. All that sort of thing.

Hope you’re all doing really well! Don’t judge me!

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  1. dom

    Haha, “fell racing” means a totally different thing in the UK.

    Good to hear your alive George. More climbing blogging!

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