April 10, 2014 George Foster


I last posted anything on here back in the heady days of 2012!! OMG WTF!! 

Well that has now changed, I’m gonna start doing some cool things again and therefore I need an outlet for them! This is it. 

I’m not gonna do a detailed post about everything I’ve been doing since 2012, that would be, frankly, ludicrous and would stop the 12 people that read this from ever misspelling some cool website and ending up here in the first place. I’m a fan of writing lists so I’ll pop the key moments of the past 18-24 months in chronological order and if anyone wants to hear more about them then I’ll bow to popular demand and write a separate post on that particular thing in the future, but for now……

1. Went to northern Spain for 6 weeks! Awesome as expected. Climbed well enough, it’s hard not to after 6 weeks, but still left feeling frustrated that I’d not climbed anything of particular merit. Got very close on a lot of things. It was a trip of two halves. The second half being very much the better one!! 

2. Joined the Army – that’s the big reason I’ve not had anything cool to write about. The Army is not cool (the training side of it anyway). I joined in May 2012, did the whole Sandhurst training for a year, did my Phase 2 training down south then did the All Arms Commando Course with the marines down at Lympstone all of which involved..

Lots of this..

Not much of this..
With the result that I’m now like this..
After that we went to Norway, learnt to ski and did this..

3. In amongst that I managed a bit of climbing! Hooray! Had some mates that now live in Sweden so went over there for a bit. If you like granite and cracks then you’ll love it. It is AWESOME for that. I’m not a big fan of crack climbing but I kinda am now. What does that tell you huh?! Probably not much to be fair but take my word it!

4. Went to Switzerland last summer for some more climbing and a touch of running (I’ve got quite into that now). Magic Wood is frickin’ ACE! Go. Go now. Close your laptop and GO. Actually WAIT, book your flights first, then do the former! Remember your shoes and chalk, take LOADS of pads and GO. I’m going over there again this summer in the van (oh yeah I bought one of those too). See you there?! I’m serious GO, then message me and we’ll meet up.

5. Those three trips are the only bit of sustained climbing I’ve done in over 2 years!! Wowza! (Jonny G still lives strong in my heart) It sucks, especially when your girlfriend is a total crusher. I had to find something I was better than her at to help rebalance the universe. She doesn’t do any sort of fell running, yet, so that’s what I chose! I’ve been doing lots of that. LOTS. It’s mega. Here’s a picture to show how mega…
I do it mainly for the views…….

Friends, we’re now up-to-date. Welcome. From here I’m gonna chat the usual crap about running rather than climbing. Training, techniques and races. It’ll be the same format as the previous climbing ones i.e. I’m not ever gonna set the world on fire with my running but I figure I do enough of it and am psyched enough for it that there’ll be some wheat amongst the chaff. If you don’t wanna read it do something about it like….go to Magic Wood!? (For those still here…..doing this post has awakened some cool memories so if you want more information on anything i.e. a longer, more detailed post on some of the things that have happened over the past few years then gimme a ‘let-know’ and I’ll put out)

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  1. dom

    The blog lives on!
    Good to hear a recap, and to see you’ve still got the pysche!
    You are looking fairly ripped in the magic woods photos! Tell us more!!!

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