June 5, 2014 George Foster

Bog and Burn

I ran my second race in the rather aptly titled ‘Bog and Burn’ series. These, for those that don’t know but still care, are a series of midweek races within the central belt of Scotland for those runners who came into the sport through their background in swimming. That’s what it felt like last night anyway as I was literally wading through dead sheep floating mid-bog.

Cort-ma Law, near Glasgow, was the venue. A race of approximately 10kms, which on paper/the internet looked rather nice. A long drag up a hill, down a bit, up a bit, down quite a bit, up quite a bit and then a long fast run back in. The lad at the start put the shitters up me when he KEPT mentioning a ‘bog’ during his race info, to knowing looks from the other 65 characters huddling like penguins seeking shelter from the driving rain lashing our anaemic bodies.

The start was steeper than I’d expected. The ‘down a bit’ was further down than I’d thought meaning the ‘up a bit’ after was that bit further up. Then came the bog. It was more akin to a square kilometre of liquid shit. I know what you’re thinking….”being a commando you’d be used to that!” I’m not. Nor do I like it. I was picking bogweed out of my gooch for a good 2 hours on the drive back. Not pretty. If it hadn’t been for that race you’d never have had to read that. Blame Westerlands CCC, not me. 

I think I was 6th but to be honest I don’t really care. My legs had no strength in them and I ran like crap. This is DEFINITELY becoming a theme. Anyone else get that? Any clues as to what it could be?? Over training? Under training? Diet? Nutrition? Weakness? A factor of them all no doubt. Maybe I need a break from racing? It takes a fair bit out of your body and your mind.

Met some of the lads from HBT. Seem a likely bunch. Right attitude to running for sure. Anyway there’s no pictures in this and to be honest I wouldn’t still be reading this if it was someone else’s and there were no phots. So you may as well stick it up yer arse you horrible buggers! 


PS a first, i think, for this blog……..motion pictures!! this is some music I’ve been listening to for a bit now….you like?

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