June 29, 2014 George Foster


……..is pretty much over. It’s been fun! Well I’ve had fun anyway. Hope you have too?!

So apart from those runs earlier in the month that I’ve already chatted on about (Ennerdale, Durisdeer etc etc) I managed to squeeze two more in on this, the last weekend of the month. Hip hip hooray……oh bore off!

I managed to achieve my highest ever hill race finishing position at the White Tops race in (you ready for this prime example of Scottish-ness?) Kirkton of Auchterhouse just near Dundee. Almost missed the race too cos my flight back up from Bristol was delayed! Had to get Esther to drive on ahead and register me so that I could make a mad grab for my race number as I pulled up with 2 mins to spare till the bang. Crrrrrrazy! But yeah….2nd. Cool huh? Should have been 1st but I went the wrong way on the decent and my pretty healthy lead evaporated to nothing…..though the Westerlands lad behind gave a shout to correct me in fairness. I was able to catch and pass him again but that, coupled with an awesome faceplant 300m later, did for my legs and I couldn’t hold him on the sprint in to the finish. Doh!

Yesterday was the 3rd counter in the British Championships at Dollar….again a fairly local race (for me anyway). I was obviously nowhere near 2nd place but in spite of some tired pins I was happy to get comfortably under the 1hr 30mins mark for what I find a tough course (too much actual running in it for my liking!). I was 69th overall…cheeky!

Here’s some pick-at-yours: (it rained and then it stopped)

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