June 2, 2014 George Foster

May…..and everything in between

May has been an interesting and busy month. The end. Thanks for reading………………..

HAHAHAHA but seriously. I need to get my diary out to remember what’s happened! Kicked off proceedings with a trip down to the Lakes for the second English Champs counter up Coniston. Felt preeeeetty comfortable all the way round and pottered in about 50th place. Maybe could have gone faster but I was seeing stars at the end through lack of H2O. Silly billy.

Apres that was…umm….the Kinnoull Hill Race just outside of Perth. Felt very lethargic in that one and came a disappointing 5th after some misdirection! Swines! Decent little run though not exactly a ‘fell’ race in the strictest sense of the word. 

Finally on the running side of things was a trip along in the Edinburgh 1/2 marathon. Again fairly disappointing (there’s a trend here) as I kept missing the mile markers and, having never run a road 1/2 before, had no idea how to pace myself. I felt comfortably on for my target of sub-1:20:00 but came in at 1:23:34 in 95th place. Top 1% though so can’t complain too much! Bodes well for how the training is going cos this month (June) is gonna be ridonkulous for running!

Things to look forward to……Ennerdale Horseshoe (British and English counter); Scafell Trail Marathon; Red Moss Hill Race; The Law Breaker; Dollar Hill Race (British and Scottish counter). Treat yourself! 

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