August 29, 2014 George Foster

Book review No.2

Well, due to unexpected popular demand from my readership of ‘one’, I present for you the second in my, now series of, book reviews. This time I turn to the fictional works of Lord Chris Sharma under his pseudonym “Maxx Paine”. As a caveat, before I begin, please be aware and under no false illusions that, to the best of my knowledge, Lord Sharmaramabanana didn’t actually write this, nor do I suspect did ‘Maxx Paine’ (stick it in Amazon – other online book retailers are available (apparently) – and you’ll see what I mean). One thing that is an INDISPUTABLE FACT is that whoever did write this book – The 48 Laws of Power – Chris Sharma was UNDOUBTEDLY¬†his muse.

And so to the review (written in a series of verbal farts – some of which are highly contradictory)……..

“The 48 Laws of Power” by Maxx Paine


A masterpiece.

What ‘Maxx Paine’ doesn’t know about power is simply not worth knowing or hasn’t been discovered yet. In fact I’m amazed that he stopped at 48, surely there’s more?

A little birdy has told me that there is a second edition due for release in time for Christmas. I know what Mrs. Fellicionado is getting in her stocking!


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