February 2, 2015 George Foster

Scottish Winter


As some may know the staff here at Fellicionado Enterprises Ltd dabble in a bit of climbing. Not the climbing that fucktards think of when they imagine people ‘climbing’ a Munro somewhere in the ass-end of Torridon…that’s called ‘walking’.

No no no we’re far more self-aggrandised than that.

You may, or may not, know too that I have been injured of late…see here…and therefore fucking MISERABLE due to my short-sighted, capitalist mentality of ‘must-have-everything-now-now-NOW’ attitude towards life.

I decided then to engage in some healthy Type-2 fun to complement my misery. Anyone who’s ever done this before knows that there’s not much more miserable than a dabble at Scottish Winter climbing. This is Scottish Winter………….



It really is THAT BAD.

If you’re into your day being filled with 12+ hours of freezing your chebs off, not feeling your fingers or toes for over a week afterwards, being threatened with getting constantly blown off…..a ridge, dying horrifically from a fall/avalanche/exposure/hypothermia, being thought of as ‘weird’, being thought of as ‘cool’ by old folk, getting stabbed by a gagillion sharp things etc etc etc then this is the sport for you. Like I say, it’s Type-2 fun.

So we went up to the Northern Corries and did a nice easy route called The Seam (IV 5). It involved swimming through chest deep snow to the belay, clambering about on frozen turf for 100m and stumbling about in 90 mph gusts. Mega.

Gonna go back next weekend for a bit more I think.

Hopefully be fit again for this bad lad……………Carnethy 5.

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