February 17, 2017 George Foster

Racing Calendar 2017

Ok so just a super quick heads-up on what I’ve got myself signed up for this coming year (injury/money/life permitting)…..

Coledale Horseshoe – April
Lairig Ghru – June
Welsh 1000m – June
Gross Glockner Berglauf (Austria) – July
Dolomites VK – July
Dolomites Skyrace – July
Tromso Skyrace – August
Ben Nevis Race – September
Ring of Steall Skyrace – September
Langdale Horseshoe – October

Some of those the entries haven’t opened for yet so I’m being a tad presumptuous about getting in (I’m looking at YOU Lairig Ghru and Langdale) but they’re not my main targets of the year.

Looks like quite a few there eh? Not as many as last year though. The Euro ones are just for a laugh and a change of scenery more than anything.

Anyone got any suggestions of others to do? Done any on that list and rate/slate them?

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