March 22, 2017 George Foster

London Running

Za-to-pek a man who really knew how to thrash himself!

Not much in this post really…..been down in London all of two days on a course with work. Ran about for a bit but am bored out my tits already. Wow. How do you guys down here do it?? Flat. Busy. Dull. No wonder 95% of people I’ve seen out running look like tortured souls, their faces screaming a pained expression, dying for the finish to their torment. They look like they hate what they’re doing. I can see why.

Za-to-pek a man who really knew how to thrash himself – but loved it all the same!

Is that a symptom of London living or road running in general? What strikes me is that, like a lot of the character of this place that I’ve picked up over time sat in coffee shops or whatever, is that they do it out of a sense of ‘this is what others do so I need to do it too’. I’m maybe waaaayyyyy off the mark here, or maybe, just maybe, I’ve hit a Csikszentmihalyi-ism and got the nail on the head. No-one wake me! If the latter is the case, well, quel surprise that you’re not enjoying it. Your running won’t last the year if you wish to take it seriously.

I love running. All it’s forms. I have a special place in my heart for certain disciplines but essentially it’s one and the same. If you’re not enjoying yourself then change your circumstances. If you love it like I do….all power to you! Keep that shit going!!

In other news……I’ll have some exciting stuff to report on in a few days time. Watch this space.

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