April 6, 2017 George Foster

Hangar 18 ORR

Firstly, that ‘ORR’ stands for ‘off-road running’. Phew right?! You can concentrate on the rest of the blog. You’re welcome.

Secondly, there’s a reason I’ve started the blog with feeding that titbit in your direction and also made that name the title of this post. The astute amongst you will have already made the cognitive link between the last blog post (the last few lines of it anyway) and the title/opener combo that you’ve had haymakered into your bonce.

Yup…….I’m now being amply supported by the guys over at Hangar 18 ORR, purveyors of fine mountain gear. What does that support look like? Well…..I get gear, lots of good gear! The company being, by their own mission statement, passionate about off-road running – proper off-road running. Your fell-running, your hill-running, your ‘zero-fucks-given-bad-ass-as-they-come’ alpinism/skyrunning. Their gear is designed for these types of running, and these types of running only. I mean sure obviously you can use the stuff for your run-of-the-mill park run or whatever but it would be like going to Disneyland and not getting on any of the rides. But some people love that shit. Just….watching. You’d look great and be toasty as warm bread if you did for definite. Here’s Almscliff……

Anyway, this is starting to get weird…..basically they’re super sound folk and make super well thought out gear and it’s awesome as an ambassador to be given the chance to ambass (????) for them. Expect some thorough testing of their stuff and straight-talking reviews to help them/us and you guys ensure we/you have the best kit available at all times. They’ver some exciting things in the brain-pipe!


So today I used the Performance Sock (made of real alpaca wool mmm-mm) and the Down Vest with 650 (!!) fill power….very much needed today!

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  1. Amanda

    Lucky you! I can vouch that they make very nice alpaca wool socks – I have all three models and haven’t raced in anything else for the last few years 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda! Yeah the socks are super comfortable. A bit late in the season now but check out the down gilet if you haven’t already. Really well made and very warm!

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