May 7, 2017 George Foster

A Fellrunner’s Wardrobe…..

……would not be complete without some awesome kit from Hangar 18 ORR. Am I right?!? A shameless endorsement, true, but one that I’d back to the hilt. Plus, I kinda have to say that too, correct?!? Well….no.

Now before you read on it’s best if I set out my stall, so to speak.

Even though I have been super lucky to get on board with the guys over at H18, and now Mountain Fuel (I still pay for their stuff by the way….just at a lower price), I am still very much my own person. I mean let’s be honest it’s not like I’m getting free Gucci suits or Omega watches! This isn’t fame beyond my wildest dreams so I won’t be getting carried away with waxing lyrical about a product if I don’t genuinely think it’s very good. I’m not a nob.

The absolute seal on the deal with regards H18 though is that they fully embrace objective criticism of their products, such is the belief in their product and desire to move ever forward and improve. This is an awesome, refreshing mindset and so again, I’m very fortunate to be given such free reign.

Up to now I’ve been using only a handful of their range of clothing and equipment, namely the Performance Sock, the Running Shorts (it is what it is) and the Down Vest. I’ll give you guys a short recap on how they’ve been and hopefully give you some sort of steer if you’re on the hunt for some new kit…..

Performance Sock

The best sock I’ve ever worn. For anything. Super comfy. No rubbing. No chafing. Warm when wet. Well vented when warm. You can get them in knee length, ankle length or heel tab (I think that’s another way of saying trainer sock?). Made from alpaca wool. Here’s an alpaca……


Running Shorts

Honestly? These took some time to grow on me. They’re a great cut (I like short, shorts but not too short shorts….get me?). I did however have some misgivings about the material (and the obscene length of the drawcord). It’s not as conducive to freedom of movement as others out there and, until I got used to them, did seem to get caught up momentarily on my thighs when I ran with a higher knee lift (when blasting it uphill, for example). From speaking to other people I’m really keen to use them in the colder months as both from what I can tell by wearing them, and from the aforementioned opinions from others, I reckon they’d be a great early-autumn to early-spring kinda short. Good for keeping the wind off yer nuts!

What I’d love to see is more of a ‘race’ short. Lighter, stretchier material similar to the road racing style*.

Down Vest

I am down with this vest. Not even gonna apologise for that. Again this is gonna have to be short and sweet because it seems to fit with the style of these products. They do what they do, and they do it well. This down vest is no exception. Turbo warm but equally unobtrusive. 650 fill power from 90% duck down (responsibly sourced off course – so you can feel snug with warmth and smug with having ‘done your bit’). Also, get them while they’re hot….currently going for 20% off on the website.

Like I alluded to, this isn’t the most comprehensive review of the gear. The material is good, well sourced and ethical. The performance of the kit speaks for itself. I’m genuinely impressed by all of it. The socks, I think, are mega. The down vest is brilliant and apart from that minor, personal, gripe with the shorts, I’m super into them as well. None of it will break your bank either and hey, it’s British kit too!




*Sorry for talking about road running in the same post about off-road running. I’m away to flog myself.


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