May 7, 2017 George Foster

Mountain Fuel

I’m almost 100% sure that if you’ve found yourself reading this then you’ll have, in the same measure, heard of Mountain Fuel. If not…where have you been?!?

They have taken the ultra/endurance/mountain (clue’s in the name, dumbo) community by storm with their nutritional products and, frankly, clever marketing. Tie this in with my propensity for big eats and you have yourself the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Yup, I’ve jumped whole heartedly onto the MF train and am now an AMBASSADOR….huzzah!

I may (probably, definitely!) have been fairly vociferous in my scepticism of ‘nutrition’ products in the past. That’s because a heck of a lot of them are simply bullshit. So what’s different about Rupert and the dudes at MF?! Good question.

Where best to start than straight from the horse’s mouth…….”Mountain Fuel is a balanced sports nutrition system designed to provide the body with the nutrition and energy to cope with any type of physical activity…” effectively “taking the guesswork out of your fuelling needs”. So far, so ‘blue-sky thinking’ corporate waffle right? Sure, there’s an element of that, but then what business doesn’t partake in a little word-fluff??

If you want the short answer as to the potency of the elixir that MF provides (you have the choice of a four product system) then here it is… quote Stevie Haston (when asked about Grivel axes)…”I use Grivel Mountain Fuel because they fucking work”. Or words to that effect.

To generalise, like all blokes, I’m really lazy and I can’t be arsed working out how many grams of *this* I need to add to how many grams of *that* in order to be able to recover in time from *that* race to run *this* race etc etc. Simply put, that’s where MF comes in.

One thing I’m not lazy about is researching and scrutinising products to make sure that I’m not getting done over by clever marketing and fads. I’ve had to speculate to accumulate with Mountain Fuel and at first I was, well, sceptical. Part of this scepticism was borne from the fact their system tastes too good! This was anathema to my prior criteria for acceptance of nutritional products, namely that they must be garishly packaged, taste like Big-Foot’s dick and be long-armed by the litre. Thus the backbone of my careful hypothesis was tossed into the ether. A little scratching under the surface reveals science and thought to prove that there is method to the madness too. There’s no leak in this ship. So, for balanced, easy on the stomach (no one enjoys shitting themselves if they can help it) fuelling I’d suggest that you look no further.

My personal recommendations are…Ultimate Recovery Fuel (Chocolate is nice….[the understatement of the year]) and Xtreme Energy Fuel (again, I’d stick yourself down for some Blackcurrant action….woah mamma!)….complete with ‘edgy’, miss-the-E-off-the-start-of-‘extreme’ product name. Cool huh?!

Just remember to sip it….despite the temptation to gulp the bastard down as if you’re a back-on-the-wagon-alky.

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