May 16, 2017 George Foster

UPDATE: Racing Calender 2017

What it's all about....

So, life happens.

My mega, awesome racing schedule for this year has gone up in smoke due to my shite job.

Adapt (to their fuck about) and overcome (their bullying whims) as my work is wont to say.

As such my new summer looks like this…..

Coledale Horseshoe – April (*tick* 7th in 1:17:28)

Scafell Skyrace – July

Blisco Dash – July

Dolomites VK – July

Dolomites Skyrace – July

Heart of the Lakes Rydal Round – July

A busy month, but you gotta make hay while the sun shines right?!? Anywho, I’ve learnt two things from this process…..

  1. Quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy/doesn’t give you time with those that make you happy.
  2. Get on board with a couple of companies that make awesome kit and mega nutrition…..I’m gonna need to recover FAST.

*One out of two ain’t bad!

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