October 15, 2017 George Foster

Time to Train

To those of you who whinge and moan about not having anywhere to train or no time to train I say NAY.

Nay to your attitude.

You suck.

Boo to you.

Allow me to hold myself up as the antidote to your negativity/lack of imagination.

I’ve just spent 6 months – yup, half a frickin’ year – running around and around inside a compound with a perimeter just shy of 2.5km. I’ve shared one of four working treadmills with over 800 sweaty, stinking bastards. All because I love running and I want to improve. It’s science.

If you’re serious about improving then you’d stick your excuses up your jacksie and exploit all you’ve got for the maximum gains that you can. If you can’t be arsed to make that effort then don’t come crying to me when you don’t hit the top step in Tokyo.

Mic drop. Footsteps. Fade to black.

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