February 9, 2018 George Foster

Gear Review: Adidas Agravic Speed

adjective: agravic: of or relating to a theoretical condition of no gravitation.

Do you enjoy running off-road? Yes? Then DO NOT BUY THESE PIECES OF SHIT.

They are so, SO bad.

Adidas says:

Set your goal and savour the achievement in these men’s trail running shoes. Snug-fitting and fully breathable, they provide support and ventilation so you can push past boundaries. A Continental Rubber outsole offers extraordinary grip in all conditions.


First of all I assume that they are being ironic when they implore us to ‘savour the achievement’, unless they refer to the achievement of staying on our feet everywhere except for the tarmac of roads? My ‘goal’ after a few hundred metres off-road was simply to reach another bit of tarmac. In this sense I achieved the goal and savoured it. Touche Adidas.

‘Snug-fitting’….hmmmm. There are only four eyelets to secure this ‘snug’ fit. I failed. I can only guess that it is because I don’t know what I’m doing. I am fairly new to the tying-my-own-shoelaces game after all. If you have swollen ankles and a swollen mid-foot and swollen toes then these shoes would be glorious.

I would argue against the ‘support’ due to the reasons of my failing to secure a ‘snug’ fit. They’re definitely breathable and well ventilated though. Water pours through them almost unhindered. I don’t quite get what that has to do with my ability to ‘push past boundaries’ though? I’ll have to re-think that one during my daily meditations.

Finally, Continental rubber works very well on cars I’m sure. Cars, in turn, work very well on TARMAC. In my experience they’re pretty crappy off the asphalt. So are these shoes. Really, really crappy. They offer good grip in one condition. As a trail shoe they offer fuck all grip on all other conditions, especially when stuff turns wet and muddy. The lugs are appalling. Not do they induce more twists and turns than Nijinski, they collect mud like it’s the new oil, like a fat kid during happy hour in the world’s last remaining sweet shop. Zero relationship to gravity, as the name suggests.

Still, I got them cheap so I’ll thrash the life out of them to save the likes of my iRock’s and Sportiva’s for the important stuff.

Out of 10? I’d give ’em 1.

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