I am the fountain of all fell knowledge….said no-one ever, and that doesn’t bother me cos that’s not what this is site is all about. I do some fell-running – quite a lot at the moment as it happens – and I also do some other things – climbing, for example. This is a way of documenting what I’ve managed to get done in my free time. It started off as a simple ‘blogspot.com’ enterprise and has now found itself squatting in less salubrious surroundings thanks to the good lads at SteepMedia. Cheers Dave!

Anyway take from it what you will – metaphorically that is, there’s a good sport – and subscribe if you feel you must. If you spot me at a race/crag/mountain-top-vista/layby-in-my-trusty-stead-Jean-Claude and have taken exception to my views then please don’t feel the need to tell me, ignorance is bliss, though I do apologise for any offence and I hope that you’ll forgive me.

I’ll let you get on then but before you go I’d urge you to do one thing…..buy ‘Nature’ by Ralph Waldo Emerson and read the first chapter entitled ‘Nature’. Wow.