Seal Cub Clubbing Club

Who's who......fellrunners are a stylish lot.
What’s with all these clubs huh?! What even is a club?? Fell-running’s got its fair share right? What are they? Where are they? And are they any good? Who’s the best? Who’s the worst? Who even cares?!………….me. I do. So,…
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Training: Psychology

Za-to-pek a man who really knew how to thrash himself!
I’m what I would call a realist. Others would take a look at that realism and in turn refer to me as a pessimist. This to me is ironically funny as that opinion in itself appears to be a pessimistic…
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Recent goings-on…..

Week 14: Still injured. Had a few races though, testing the water and that. Every run these days is a mental battle – will I make it back in one piece or will explorers find my body curled up in…
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Fellrunning: A Punter’s Guide No. 4 – Carnethy 5

Right, you’ve read the shite about the relays but that’s not gonna be a flash in the pan. Oh no. There’s going to be a heck of a lot to get through this year, it’s only January after all and…
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Fellrunning: A Punter’s Guide No. 3 – Devil’s Burdens Relay

Hello! It’s 2015, shit’s been happening already and if you’re not careful you’re gonna miss it! Here in north Britain there’s been coming on 5 fell races and it’s only day four of the month! How does that maths work…
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What’s in a club?

Who knows? And frankly who gives a f@*k? Turns out I do at the moment. So I’m a bit of a romantic at heart (bit gay but go with it) and like the idea of staying with one club throughout…
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