Racing: Styles, Secrets and Tips

Racing is a dark art. Fell racing the most noir. Arguably the cauldron of art and science. Monet, after all, did not mix his own paint. What does that mean? No-one knows. Mystery. Conjecture, from which all good debates must…
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Seal Cub Clubbing Club

Who's who......fellrunners are a stylish lot.
What’s with all these clubs huh?! What even is a club?? Fell-running’s got its fair share right? What are they? Where are they? And are they any good? Who’s the best? Who’s the worst? Who even cares?!………….me. I do. So,…
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Hangar 18 ORR

Firstly, that ‘ORR’ stands for ‘off-road running’. Phew right?! You can concentrate on the rest of the blog. You’re welcome. Secondly, there’s a reason I’ve started the blog with feeding that titbit in your direction and also made that name…
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Racing Calendar 2017

Ok so just a super quick heads-up on what I’ve got myself signed up for this coming year (injury/money/life permitting)….. Coledale Horseshoe – April Lairig Ghru – June Welsh 1000m – June Gross Glockner Berglauf (Austria) – July Dolomites VK…
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Seasons: Spring….and a bit

Spring has come and gone (apparently) and here in the draughty corridors of Fellicionado Hall we’re having a clear out of some of the old memories from those halcyon days before the rains hit and brought with them, what we…
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Fellrunning: A Punter’s Guide – The British Championships 2015

All you will ever need to know about the British Fell Championship lies amongst these words and thoughts spread, like ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’, below. So relax. Relax and be amazed by the pure depth of knowledge; the…
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