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Equilibrium: Part 2

Cumbria XC
It’s now November aka ‘Movember’. A month where I’m not allowed to hate folk who can grow moustaches that I can’t do due to crap facial hair genes, as it’s for a good cause and all. That’s ok by me…
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Equilibrium: Intro and Part 1

I’ve been struggling to find the motivation and time to write much on here of late. The reason being that I’ve started training for a new career. Teaching. Now, I’ve heard all sorts on this. Everyone seems to have an…
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Vests in the breeze

DPFR avec P&B forming a lovely sandwich with an Ilkley filling
A recent post on my Instagram feed got me thinking (I am, shamelessly, my own best muse at times) about the importance that I seem to place on ‘belonging’. The more I’ve thought of it, the more it seems to…
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Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor: (Latin – lex parsimoniae “law of parsimony”) a scientific and philosophical rule that states that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex. Gee, thanks for that…….got to ask though, WTF?? Settle petal, and let…
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Scafell Skyrace 2018

Feeling like you’re on the coat-tails of those on the shirt-tails of those who are running in a Union Jack flag that’s been converted and stream-lined into a piece of clothing known commonly as a ‘vest’ is a horrible place…
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Longhaul Endurance

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. There’s actual food out there, actual,¬†real¬†food that you can use to fuel yourself for long runs. Sack off your SiS and Gu rubbish, get on board with this other…
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Over-hyped prima-donna comes over here and steals OUR records: The story of the sub-13 BGR!

No, that's not Lingmoor behind him....
Ahhh the power of the ‘headline’. One for all you dickhead Daily Mail readers to relate to. Bet you were dragged over here looking for another rant and subsequent “I’ll let you know” backlash rant of your own huh? Guess…
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The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Had an interesting conversation today. I’ll tell you aaalllllllll about it. By way of an introduction, we’ve already talked about the role of ‘fad’ foods via this forum. Not really touched on kit and the like though. That is, until…
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