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Fashionable Food and Fads

I have recently had a fairly stark realisation that ‘the man’ has (had) firmly got me in ‘his’ grip. This epiphany came about slowly at first but has now exploded into a true awakening, pretty much as a result of…
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Realities: What Comes Down….

A new year and a new month. Happy 2018 everyone! It’s the second instalment of the (fell) running realities series. Those quirks of this niche that are undeniable and irrefutable. This month……hills. Don’t fear science….sometimes it’s right! What comes down…
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Racing: Styles, Secrets and Tips

Racing is a dark art. Fell racing the most noir. Arguably the cauldron of art and science. Monet, after all, did not mix his own paint. What does that mean? No-one knows. Mystery. Conjecture, from which all good debates must…
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Gear From The Year – 2017

Snappy title and a subject close to all true kit-pests hearts. Yup, it’s gear review time at Fellicionado apartments! All opinions are just that, opinions. They’re mine (all mine!!) and they may potentially offend (I have no idea why cos…
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Seal Cub Clubbing Club

Who's who......fellrunners are a stylish lot.
What’s with all these clubs huh?! What even is a club?? Fell-running’s got its fair share right? What are they? Where are they? And are they any good? Who’s the best? Who’s the worst? Who even cares?!………….me. I do. So,…
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Time to Train

To those of you who whinge and moan about not having anywhere to train or no time to train I say NAY. Nay to your attitude. You suck. Boo to you. Allow me to hold myself up as the antidote…
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To be, or not to be….coached

……….is the WORST title I have ever produced for anything. Ever. Gooooooo me. It’s so bad it’s good, right?? Nah. Shit. I can’t stop looking at it. Ha. Ahhhhhhh. Shite. Only I can change it too. And I choose not…
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Summer: Twenty-seventeen

Aside from a couple of anomalies my fell season has been just shy of 10 days long. Frustrating? Yes. Surprising? Not so much. Injury and ‘life’ have both got in the way. Mainly the ‘life’ side of things. I had…
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