May 13, 2009 George Foster

How did your mother take the news?

I’m sacking it to the States for 6 months. Bollocks to living in the flatest part of the UK (and therefore the world). Me and some hombres have decided to check out this place known to few as the United States of America…..i know i’d never heard of it either. Got a tip off that it might be semi-decent, which is good enough for me.

Whilst their rocks aren’t as good as ours and they have no big-walling to speak of, certainly not comparable to Stanage or Wolfcrag anyway, we thought it would be worth the risk of maybe searching out some new routes and basically teaching those bastards how to climb. We hope to convert them from their Pagan religions of ‘Sport’ and ‘Aid’ and show them the ways of the one true ‘Trad’ – ‘Ultra-Traditionalism’, you ain’t tradding till you’re 60ft above an upsidedown sky hook baby!

Itinery: Fly to San Fran, buy a car, fill with pilgrims and crush. Bishop, Yosemite, Hueco, Tuolomne, RRG, Squamish, Little Si, Moab, Indian Creek, Smith, Boulder, RMNP, Olympia Climbing Gym….whatever….you’re welcome to join. Below are our reasons for going……

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  1. dom

    Nice one george, we welcome you with open arms. I take it you mean Red Rocks not Red River Gorge (RRG) as that’d be a bit of a detour. SOunds like a dreem tour of all the best places in the west, and the Olympia Climbing Gym is just the cherry on top.

    Looking forward to seeing you mate!

  2. [sigh] I wish I was doing that too. Everyone else seems to be. Good effort, enjoy yourselves, keep the blog going, and stay safe. Good job you didn’t sell your gear after all, huh?!

  3. Yes, our president is a sexy bitch, jealous?
    Hate to break it to you but there’s not really that much over here. Best keep to your side of the kitty pool. If you must come, I here there is a kick ass crag in Eatonville. A bit obscure but it keeps the rapping/surfer types away. Better bring a bolt gun, specifically the kind you see in Cliffhanger, we frown on traditionally placed gear here. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the hair gel!!!!

  4. NM

    All RIGHT! Nice George! “West Coast Gimps II” …I’d buy a copy if you guys film (West Coast Gimps is my ALLTIME favorite roadtrip climbing film).
    Thanks for checking out my blog man, hope to get in some climbing w/ y’all.
    FYI: you guys may wanna check out Ibex, Utah- it’s on my radar because of its really cool bouldering/route climbing + it’s free camping/interesting landscape)

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