July 18, 2014 George Foster

Le Tour

Unless you have your head in a bucket, or better things to do, you’ll have noticed that Le Tour is on. Le Tour, for those that have the aforementioned afflictions, is a road cycling event in Europe. Lance Armstrong was in it. Remember him? The drug-addled scumbag? Yeah him. Some ACTUAL greats were also in it (I’m not naive enough to ignore the fact that many of these guys took drugs as well…..it’s kinda in the culture – it was simply the manner of his denial and defence that really irks). Pantani. Simpson. Cancellara. Merckx. Indurain. Froome. Wiggins. Schleck. LeMond. I could go on. Tommy Simpson died whilst off his tits on amphetamines (see?) and Marco Pantani (Il Pirata) died of a cocaine overdose. Lad.

The stages that fascinate me the most are the Alpine/Pyreneen ones. King of the Mountains – the title you get for winning the most of these stages – sounds fucking cool! I’ve even brought a hat in the colours of the jersey the ‘king’ wears. Nerd.

Anyway get to the point yeah? Check out this website (look down) if you’re into your cycling and OBEY THE RULES!!


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