January 15, 2015 George Foster


Ooooohhhhhh dear.

Injury according to the dictionary is defined as any one of three meanings:

1. to do or cause harm of any kind to; damage; hurt; impair

2. to do wrong or injustice to

3. to wound or offend

I am injured. It’s my friend from Greek/Trojan mythology, Achilles. I’ve been ‘lucky’ to catch this onset of ‘achilles tendinopathy’ early and so will face just 4 weeks sidelined.

My interpretation of the definition as I see it in my particular situation aligns with that of meaning number 3, specifically the latter part of that meaning. This injury offends me. I am offended by my own achilles, the turncoat bastard. If I could sum up my feelings right now I would do it in the form of interpretive dance….except I’m not allowed to dance. I’m not allowed to do any form of physical exercise. Hopefully this video will go someway to delivering my message of despair (you’ve gotta skip a bit to see the actual dance).

Basically being injured is, almost, the single shittest thing in the world ever. I don’t feel like I’m overstating the matter in that at all either.

I almost wrote this post a couple of days ago when I realised the extent of the injury but then I discovered this awesome blog and it tempered the rage somewhat. I massively recommend it.

A month is a long time but not that long. Until then, here’s a guy in a much worse place than me……

Ooooohhhhhh dear.

Ooooohhhhhh dear.


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