December 23, 2016 George Foster

Seasons: Autumn into Winter

Things went quiet after the Bobby G. I’d torn my shin muscle at some point on the first ‘leg’ and the continued running over the subsequent four ‘legs’ made for a fairly long period of rehabilitation. I managed to get back to racing by the final weekend in August though, winning a couple of local show races in Yorkshire and over the border in Cumbria. And that was pretty much it……….(check out the posh new Strava link thing if you think I’m embellishing smarty-pants)….

Work had me busy on a fairly tough course – the accumulated fitness of the previous months helped no end! – and so aside from a couple of outings here and there (2hrs 17mins ??secs at Langdale Horseshoe and a couple of top-3 finishes in local trail series races) I’ve done nothing at all……….and it sucks!

Luckily that course is now finished and I have 3 weeks off to do whatever I want, except that my shin problem flared back up again (despite some of the heaviest [literally and figuratively] load I’ve put on it since Sandhurst), the week-long enforced rest period for this coinciding with catching some crappy flu virus, which as now coincided with me twisting a muscle in my back after mountain biking at the UKs shittest trail centre – Cannock Chase.

So all in all I’m pretty down.

Next year is gonna be hella-busy and so running will be a challenge, hence my first attempt at periodisation in my training and the targeting of specific races…..we’ll see how that turns out!

Also, I’ve read a lot so look out for some more book review type stuff – can’t wait huh??

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