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Plaudits for artistic merit…..

Money for old rope this. It’s been a subject that’s raised it’s schward a few times in the past and, well, it’s raised it again. I’m talking, of course, about aesthetics….. aesthetic or esthetic [es-thet-ik or, esp. British, ees-] Synonyms…
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Hangar 18 ORR

Firstly, that ‘ORR’ stands for ‘off-road running’. Phew right?! You can concentrate on the rest of the blog. You’re welcome. Secondly, there’s a reason I’ve started the blog with feeding that titbit in your direction and also made that name…
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Racing Calendar 2017

Ok so just a super quick heads-up on what I’ve got myself signed up for this coming year (injury/money/life permitting)….. Coledale Horseshoe – April Lairig Ghru – June Welsh 1000m – June Gross Glockner Berglauf (Austria) – July Dolomites VK…
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Seasons: Autumn into Winter

Things went quiet after the Bobby G. I’d torn my shin muscle at some point on the first ‘leg’ and the continued running over the subsequent four ‘legs’ made for a fairly long period of rehabilitation. I managed to get…
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The Bob Graham Round: The Sum Of Your Parts…..Part Two

So to the crux of the matter I suppose. Everything was in place and good to go. Had a last minute drop-out from a pacer on Leg 2 but I wasn’t mega phased as Ben is pretty handy at this…
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The Bob Graham Round: The Sum Of Your Parts…..Part One

On Saturday 23rd July at 1am I set off on a series of 5 short runs around the Lakes that I linked together into what is known as the ‘Bob Graham Round’…….BGR for short – you may have already read…
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Seasons: Spring….and a bit

Spring has come and gone (apparently) and here in the draughty corridors of Fellicionado Hall we’re having a clear out of some of the old memories from those halcyon days before the rains hit and brought with them, what we…
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Training: Psychology

Za-to-pek a man who really knew how to thrash himself!
I’m what I would call a realist. Others would take a look at that realism and in turn refer to me as a pessimist. This to me is ironically funny as that opinion in itself appears to be a pessimistic…
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The Fellicionado ‘Movingpicturesmith’ Awards 2015

During the hours of darkness there’s nothing more I enjoy than watching a film (well, there are a couple of other things but for the purposes of this post let’s politely ignore what they could be). In keeping with the…
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