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The Bob Graham Round: The Sum Of Your Parts…..Part Two

So to the crux of the matter I suppose. Everything was in place and good to go. Had a last minute drop-out from a pacer on Leg 2 but I wasn’t mega phased as Ben is pretty handy at this…
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The Bob Graham Round: The Sum Of Your Parts…..Part One

On Saturday 23rd July at 1am I set off on a series of 5 short runs around the Lakes that I linked together into what is known as the ‘Bob Graham Round’…….BGR for short – you may have already read…
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Seasons: Spring….and a bit

Spring has come and gone (apparently) and here in the draughty corridors of Fellicionado Hall we’re having a clear out of some of the old memories from those halcyon days before the rains hit and brought with them, what we…
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Training: Psychology

Za-to-pek a man who really knew how to thrash himself!
I’m what I would call a realist. Others would take a look at that realism and in turn refer to me as a pessimist. This to me is ironically funny as that opinion in itself appears to be a pessimistic…
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The Fellicionado ‘Movingpicturesmith’ Awards 2015

During the hours of darkness there’s nothing more I enjoy than watching a film (well, there are a couple of other things but for the purposes of this post let’s politely ignore what they could be). In keeping with the…
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Anatomy of a Hawk

Scottish National XC 2014....also muddy
My time in Scotland is drawing inexorably to a close and with it my membership of, without a doubt (and sorry Ambleside – you’ll understand), the best running club I have ever been a part of. Those that know me…
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Ride like lightning, crash like thunder……..

......crash like thunder.
You can always rely on those fellas from over the water for a good quote. Found this absolute beauty just now, totally by accident I must add, whilst looking for some Andy Hampsten soundbites. Thought it good to share; the…
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The Fellicionado ‘Wordsmith’ Awards 2015

We can’t move for books here in Fellicionado Heights. The wife’s doing her nut and wants them gone. I steadfastly refuse and so until she comes round to my way of thinking she’ll be in the garden getting her head…
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Lakes Sky Ultra – 12th Sept 2015

What it's all about....
Ran this lil’puppy the other day. Felt like flailing about inside a washing machine for 8 hours. Wildest weather I’ve run in for a long time but, every cloud and all that jazz, at least that meant the ridges were…
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The Aesthete

My boss once told me that there’s more to life than running. There isn’t. In the context that he was talking in he was wrong. In that context I would say there’s more to life than work. Infinitely more. Running,…
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